You’re website is officially launched! It’s definitely time to celebrate!

I do want to make sure you know how to update and maintain your website so that it continues to work correctly. My goal is to make sure you feel confident navigating these aspects of your website. If you feel confused by any content or would like more instruction on something specific, please send me an email!

START HERE: Download your off-boarding checklist to make sure you know your immediate and on-going tasks. Then move through the videos below so you can keep your site nice and healthy!

Backups and Updates: Be sure you connect your Google Drive or Dropbox so that your site can be backed up regularly. You will also need to perform WordPress, theme, and plugin updates regularly.

How to Make Changes to Text and Images : Whether you want to switch out an image or text, change a color or background, or just make simple edits and updates, this one has it all.

Creating a New Blog Post: Ready to add new blog posts? There are so many possibilities! I’ve touched on the basics here, but the design and flow is completely up to you and your style.

Connecting Google Analytics: There is so much information you can collect from Google Analytics, so it’s truly up to you on how you want to set everything up. Here is the basic overview of the plugin I install for you and how to connect with your gmail account.

Add a New User: Bringing on a team member to write blog posts or do your updates and maintenance for you? Add them as a user so you can keep your login information just for yourself.

Editing the Header and Footer: Need to switch out a logo or color choice in the header? Want to add a social icon that you’ve added to your marketing plan? This video walks you through both!

Editing the Subscribe Page: Making changes to the subscribe page so that it continues to best suit your needs. It depends on your email marketing platform and how it connects, but this gives you a brief overview.

Connect your IG Feed: Connect your IG account so that your feed can start showing up in the footer of your website.

Connecting Elementor Pro: If you selected to go the Pro route, you will need to connect your Elementor Pro account to your website.