case study

PrideRock's donations were up 20% since the launch of the new site!

Working with PrideRock on their website was an absolute dream!

PrideRock is a non profit that is dedicated to the rescue and long term care of exotic animals. They offer the animals a second chance at life.

Prior to the new site launch, PrideRock faced the following issues…

“PrideRock’s website was severely broken and needed help on both the backend and frontend. PrideRock is not open to the public, so our online presence is crucial for donations. I was desperate to find a designer that could organize our site technically but also create a clean intuitive design.”

They were ready for a website that was easier for everyone to navigate and have their online presence produce results.

After talking through the website strategy and what wasn’t working on the current site, I got started. I kept PrideRock’s team informed every step of the way to make sure I was meeting their needs with the website and keeping navigation easy to follow.

The Process:

First up – Website Strategy

We set up a call to discuss what content needed to remain on the website, what could be let go of, and how to lay it out to make sure the website produced results.

Our goals included:

  • An easy way and flow to donate to PrideRock
  • Make the backend and frontend easier to navigate for both the team to make updates and the users to flow through the site to learn more
  • Highlight the animals who live at PrideRock and the memorials of those they lost
  • Improve the speed of the site

After finishing up the strategy and outline for the site, I got started.

Second – Website Design

I created an outline for the content of the website to make it easier for PrideRock’s team to provide. Once I received the filled out documents and images, I was able to complete the home page. After approval and very few revisions, I moved through other pages of the site to get it ready for launch. 

PrideRock was kept up-to-date each step of the way to make sure the website was not only strategic but was also showcasing what they do and the animals they care of in the way they envisioned.



Last – Launch and Off-Boarding

After the website was designed and built, I migrated the new website to the new host and went live! It was so exciting to see the new website up and running, and the marketing team at PrideRock embraced it on different platforms to really show it off. 

“I absolutely love it. For the first time in PrideRock’s history they have a website that is clear and concise. It takes the guess work of not only how to donate, but gives our donors many options during their visit on the site to donate. Having clear CTA’s across the site has helped streamline our donation process.”

The Results:

By redesigning the website for PrideRock, they now have a quicker website that’s clear and focused to help increase donations to continue supporting the animals that call PrideRock home.

“It’s only been a month, but our donations were up 20% since the launch of the new site!”

We love a strong website strategy that gets results!

It was so much fun to work with PrideRock and to give them a website that produces results! Here’s what they had to say:

“Kelsey was extremely easy to work with. Just from a few short calls she clearly took our vision and made it a reality. Each part of the process was painless and all feedback we had was quickly integrated into the new site. I would highly recommend Kelsey to any of my colleagues who are in need of a new website that isn’t just beautiful, but garners results.”
– Kayla McCain, Marketing Director at PrideRock